In which I prove I am a genius.

2:14:32 PM benny: so, I’ve been trying to get stuff from freecycle, as it comes up and looks interesting.
2:14:41 PM benny: I haven’t gotten any responses, at all.
2:14:50 PM benny: I was trying to figure out wtf, so I went to the site.
2:14:59 PM benny: and then I remembered this: Username : killerbenny
2:15:06 PM benny: proooooobably not the best choice.

hosting pwyw

PWYW music, and amanda palmer.

I’m in love with this. “It’s about a few people loving you up close, and about those people being enough.”

I want to help the music industry. I want to help the artisan industry. I want to help the art industry.

I want to help all of my friends (known and unknown) who want to distribute their art. I have ideas, lots of ideas. And I have resources. But I’m going to start here: If you are an artist of any kind, and you need hosting for your art and for a website, and for distribution, I’m your lady. Let’s make this happen.