hosting life

Broken hearts.

I quit my job yesterday.

The company I’ve been at for 6.5 years.

The job I’ve done for four of those years.

I am leaving the department I helped build. The company I put blood, sweat, and tears in to.

The most common question I’ve gotten: What made you quit?

It’s making people unsettled how simple the answer: Nothing. It’s just time to move on.


Today there was a little bit of kick-in-the-gut, and panic, as the “omg wat will we do without youuuuuuuu”‘s started to roll in. And I felt sick for a little bit. That kind of sick that makes you think about going back to that terrible relationship, because you can’t possible exists without the lover you’ve just left.

But this breakup wasn’t caused by a single, angry, moment. It’s just time for us to go our separate ways. AndĀ amicableĀ break up means I won’t be gone until May 14th, but I’m no less full of anticipation.

And I cannot TELL you how excited I am to see the open road in front of me. Even if it’ll mean a little broken heart.