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How to be my maid of honor.

So, my baby sister is having a marriage ceremony in October, and I am her Maid of Honor. They were courthouse married in January for all kinds of reasons, which means most of the legal stuff is already done. That means I’m free (and almost required) to focus on the family side of it. I mean, most weddings are supposed to be about the joining of the people. This one gets to be, almost completely, about the joining of the families.

our fiddler on the roof impression.
our fiddler on the roof impression.

I got married to an awesome man in May, so I asked my Maid of Honor if there were any lists of stuff that she still had around, and/or how one could go about getting one of the women in my family to do anything. Her exact list is below:

Heading: Get this bitch married

Step one: ignore her never updated trello

When we first got serious, after setting a date, I set up a trello board and put everything that we needed to do in it. I put all kinds of interesting ideas and really poured all of my thoughts into text on that board for… all of two hours. And then forgot about it.

Step two: wine trap

Ani and Diana bought a bunch of wine and trapped me in my apartment with a giant piece of paper and lots of colorful markers. (what can I say? They know how to get my attention)  We drank all the wine and made all the decisions. I think I actually still have that paper somewhere. It was so productive and we Made Decisions, and Made Plans, and Called People, and Emailed Other People, and Texted People. The most important thing, though, was that it was fun.

Step three: just do stuff

She did this a lot. Her and Diana went to the craft store and started pelting me with pictures of flowers while I was at some family  thing I had to attend. I told them which ones I liked and they bought some, took them home, and started making boutonnieres and corsages. They picked a date for the bachelorette party and told me I had plans that day and that if I planned over them then I wouldn’t be at my own party. Ani made herself available to me for every single decision that I couldn’t possibly make BECAUSE I DON’T CARE ANYMORE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT I CARE ABOUT EVERYTHING AND HOW CAN I POSSIBLY CARE AND NOT CARE AT THE SAME TIME?!

Step four: Mandatory hair smoothing. (she wants it. )

I didn’t. MAN did I not want hair smoothing. But I needed it. A lot. She kept me sane and held me together and helped me when I wanted to kill every single member of my family and my soon-to-be-husband, and plied me with delicious food and good music and lots of laughs through the whole process.

I think that’s the secret to being a Maid of Honor. Music. Wine. Food. Laughs.

I guess I know what my job is now.

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