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#1000Cranes update

[box type=”shadow”]I’m folding and sending 1000 paper cranes. If you haven’t heard about it, go read this.[/box]

I’ve been folding-away at the first 100-pack of origami paper I picked up. I’ve taken to folding them all in stages (this is nearing the end of stage 3 for these guys):

I’ve been numbering them all as I go, because keeping count any other way was proving impossible.

and the first pack of paper is done!

Because I like my mail lady, I’ll be making a stop at the post office tomorrow for this batch. I’m so excited to get some of these out the door!

1000Cranes life

1000 cranes

Sadako and her Paper Crane
Sadako and her Paper Crane credit: flickr user tonyjcase

“I shall write peace upon your wings, and you shall fly around the world so that children will no longer have to die this way” — Sadako Sasaki

This year I’m combining my love of writing letters, and my love of spreading smiles.

I live to help other people. I love every smile I help create. There are Japanese legends about the benefits of folding 1,000 cranes. They say that a person can create their own life-long good luck, or receive the granting of their life’s wish, by folding 1,000 paper cranes. I think I can both satisfy my life’s wish of spreading more joy and love, and create my own good luck, by folding 1,000 cranes, and mailing them to people.

folded paper cranes

But… I have a big problem.

The current incarnation of the letter list only has around 35 people on it. While they all humor me by accepting all of the random things and thoughts I send to them throughout the year, I think even their patience would be tried if they all got more than 30 paper cranes from me this year. This is where you come in. You can help me spread joy in one of two ways:

1) Sign yourself up!

If you’re not already on the letter list (or even if you are) sign yourself up! You will (eventually) get a paper crane from me, along with a note filled with my completely random ramblings.

2) Sign up someone you love, like, think is nice, or anyone to whom you want to give a smile.

We all know someone who could use a smile. A simple reminder that someone cares. A little bit of color in their day. Because this is all snail mail through the USPS you will need to know a postal address. I promise this address won’t be given to *anyone*. (You know. Unless there’s a court order involved. And my backups haven’t been deleted by accident.)

It’s a simple form, with exciting potential consequences.

folded paper cranes


I’ll probably post pictures and updates stuff and things like normal to twitter and facebook and instagram. Like I do. Maybe even youtube, if I get really ambitious. I’m so excited to see what these cranes can do.

cpanel/whm hosting tech

Pkgacct error

If you’re trying to package a cPanel account on the command line and you’re hitting and error that looks something like this:

AWS CloudLinux cpanel/whm hosting tech

AWS Server fails after cPanel install

So, you boot up your shiny new AWS CentOS 6 server, and run the cPanel installation script. Next you reboot the server… ever… and it never comes back online? My question to you: is your IP also licenced for CloudLinux?

cpanel/whm hosting tech

IPAddress is already an active IP

Sometimes, when something odd happens to your server (most of the time intentionally, though not in an ideal situation) when you go to add an IP address to your server, you’ll see this error:

$IPADDRESS is already an active IP. Skipping $IPADDRESS .. already added !

And then when you check the cPanel logs (because you’re a good admin like that), you’ll see this error:

[2013-10-26 15:21:41 -0500] info [xml-api] $IPADDRESS is already an active IP. [addips] version [1].

Well, when that happens there are a plethera of things to check and correct. Hopefully one of these will fix it for you.

cpanel/whm hosting tech

Switching ftp server from pure-ftp to proftp failing

Switching from pureftp to proftp through WHM says it completed, but you’re still running pureftpd? Try to do it on the commandline and see this error?

cpanel/whm hosting tech

Digest::SHA1 Crypt::PasswdMD5 install failure, with easyapache

If you’re trying to install cPanel, and it hangs on:

\_ /usr/local/cpanel/bin/apache_conf_distiller

and your post-cpanel install easyapache bails on:

!! Failed to install CPAN Perl module(s) Digest::SHA1 Crypt::PasswdMD5 !!


In which I prove I am a genius.

2:14:32 PM benny: so, I’ve been trying to get stuff from freecycle, as it comes up and looks interesting.
2:14:41 PM benny: I haven’t gotten any responses, at all.
2:14:50 PM benny: I was trying to figure out wtf, so I went to the site.
2:14:59 PM benny: and then I remembered this: Username : killerbenny
2:15:06 PM benny: proooooobably not the best choice.

life working out


A few years ago Ani and I decided to start working out together. Religiously, at 4:30am, I would pick her up (in the snow, people, because it was fall when we started). We saw the effects nearly immediately. The accomplishment and early-morning-energy-expenditure lifted our spirits throughout the entire day. The cardio immediately had an impact on our energy levels. We both slept better, and were better people to our loved ones.

By a few months in we could, with borderline boredom, do an hour of HARD running on the elliptical machines. I was so happy with my cardio fitness. I could do all kinds of stuff, without even thinking about it, and there was measurable progress in my strength and my pants were getting looser. Then I hit a pretty hard weight loss plateau (as in: two months without any loss at all) and got frustrated and distracted and quit.

In January of this year, Ani started a weight lifting program that has made her so strong. I am so proud of her progress, and so motivated by her success, but I’ve been struggling for a while.

My amazing husband has been encouraging, and cajoling, and silent, and motivating in every way he can think of, to try to help me with my fitness goals. It’s been amazing, and frustrating. But three weeks ago, I set a goal for myself: Be able to run one whole mile without stopping. No pace definition, no real timeline. Just one whole mile.

I started at the end of July with an un-moderated (meaning, I didn’t have anything tracking my intervals) run/walk of 15 minutes, three times a week. Today I finished day 1 of week 2 of c25k. I’m getting consistently faster, and consistently going farther, and consistently proving the mind weasel wrong.


Last week my amazing husband and I signed up for my first 5k. It’s a run that’s aimed at fun, and not at speed, which I think will be perfect for me. I’m stoked. And nervous. And stoked. We can do this. I can do this. I will do this.

color me rad colormerad team vasquez


EDIT 8/23:

Today’s numbers make me so happy I wanted to add them:

running log 2
running log 2



Getting my head right.

I’ve been fighting a persistent mind weasel, and I wanted to share about it. This mind weasel is one that I think we all have: self demoralization.